Your guide to kidmin pool noodle fun




Have you ever wondered how many different ways you can use a pool noodle in your kidmin programs?

Check out just some of the projects  below that others have come with and you’ll find the that the ideas are only as limited as your imagination. I’ve tried to group the uses into 5 main areas: obstacle course ideas, water games and activities, ideas to help you teach your lesson,  energetic games,  and design and construction.

Of course, I soon discovered that there are other ideas , too, but many of these related more to life hacks and safety at home.  If you’d like to add other ideas, though, that you’ve created or seen that need an honourable mention, please list them below.



Do you have an upcoming spies or secret agent theme- anything that requires training, skills or activity? There are many ideas for using pool noodles to create colourful and fun obstacle courses. Most of the ideas can be used indoors, too, which makes them versatile for any weather conditions. With kids’ safety in mind, pool noodle constructions are relatively soft and less hazardous for energetic kids. Check out some of the ideas below. You can find links to the instructions here:


 Water Activities

When the temperature soars, there’s nothing quite like water fun for kids and pool noodles provide more fun than just as a pool toy. Check out some of these inexpensive ideas for your next water-fun kidmin event.


Noodle Sprinkler     Water Wall    Water Tunnel     Slip&Slide     Sailboats     Water-raft

Teaching the Lesson

There are many ways that you can use pool noodles in your lesson presentation, too. Whether you need swords or arrows, rainbows or boats, you’ll find it’s easy to create them with pool noodles. You might even want the kids to make their own, Check out some ideas below.

Lesson resources

Swords     Horses     Rainbows     Bows&Arrows   ArkoftheCovenant     Boats

Fun & Games

Whether it’s part of your program or a midweek kids’ club activity, there will be time when you really need to provide some energetic games and fun. The fun is laid on when you include pool noodles. Check out the following ideas, with the links below, as starters. You’ll probably think  up other ways that you can include these great resources for your own needs.


Croquet     NoodleTargets     GiantRingToss     GiantBaseball     IndoorBasketball   RingToss

Design & Construction

With a bit of creativity, these versatile pool noodles can even be used for your next decorating and display project. Whether you’re considering a simple project like the pool noodle lollipops for a sweet entry to a room or area or a more elaborate display, the bright colour and light but sturdy material allows you to create wonderful, eye-catching features. The pool noodle furniture ideas are just wonderful, and the fort is something that the kids would love to help you with, too. While a fort might not be something you need, the basic idea would allow you create any structure you require. Please add your own ideas below.


Furniture     Flowers     Vines     Fort     Display     Lollipops

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