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A really simple Easter gift for your volunteers

easter seeds

I love that story of a woman who decided on a healthier lifestyle for herself and her family. It was difficult but she exercised regularly, cooked healthy meals for everyone and even avoided her obsession – chocolate. Yes, it was difficult. Chocolate was the one thing that consumed her.. she couldn’t resist it! But her children were very encouraging, especially at Easter, for it was the first time her kids realised that chocolate Easter bunnies actually come with ears!

You may find that many of your volunteers are trying to life healthily and avoid chocolate… difficult during the Easter season. How about this clever little idea from the blog of  somewhatsimple .

The idea is indeed simple- download some cute labels and glue to TicTac containers. ( I didn’t use all of them.)

Download labels, print and attach to TicTacs

Download labels, print and attach to TicTacs

I found a nice little Easter basket, added some shredded tissue paper, and a small potted plant.  Then I arranged the ‘seed’ packets in the basket and included a ‘thank you’ tag- Thank you for helping to plant the seeds of faith in the lives of these kids.

I’ve included the file for the thank you tag below…


Plant label  click to download..



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