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Your guide to kidmin pool noodle fun




Have you ever wondered how many different ways you can use a pool noodle in your kidmin programs?

Check out just some of the projects  below that others have come with and you’ll find the that the ideas are only as limited as your imagination. I’ve tried to group the uses into 5 main areas: obstacle course ideas, water games and activities, ideas to help you teach your lesson,  energetic games,  and design and construction.

Of course, I soon discovered that there are other ideas , too, but many of these related more to life hacks and safety at home.  If you’d like to add other ideas, though, that you’ve created or seen that need an honourable mention, please list them below.



Do you have an upcoming spies or secret agent theme- anything that requires training, skills or activity? There are many ideas for using pool noodles to create colourful and fun obstacle courses. Most of the ideas can be used indoors, too, which makes them versatile for any weather conditions. With kids’ safety in mind, pool noodle constructions are relatively soft and less hazardous for energetic kids. Check out some of the ideas below. You can find links to the instructions here:


 Water Activities

When the temperature soars, there’s nothing quite like water fun for kids and pool noodles provide more fun than just as a pool toy. Check out some of these inexpensive ideas for your next water-fun kidmin event.


Noodle Sprinkler     Water Wall    Water Tunnel     Slip&Slide     Sailboats     Water-raft

Teaching the Lesson

There are many ways that you can use pool noodles in your lesson presentation, too. Whether you need swords or arrows, rainbows or boats, you’ll find it’s easy to create them with pool noodles. You might even want the kids to make their own, Check out some ideas below.

Lesson resources

Swords     Horses     Rainbows     Bows&Arrows   ArkoftheCovenant     Boats

Fun & Games

Whether it’s part of your program or a midweek kids’ club activity, there will be time when you really need to provide some energetic games and fun. The fun is laid on when you include pool noodles. Check out the following ideas, with the links below, as starters. You’ll probably think  up other ways that you can include these great resources for your own needs.


Croquet     NoodleTargets     GiantRingToss     GiantBaseball     IndoorBasketball   RingToss

Design & Construction

With a bit of creativity, these versatile pool noodles can even be used for your next decorating and display project. Whether you’re considering a simple project like the pool noodle lollipops for a sweet entry to a room or area or a more elaborate display, the bright colour and light but sturdy material allows you to create wonderful, eye-catching features. The pool noodle furniture ideas are just wonderful, and the fort is something that the kids would love to help you with, too. While a fort might not be something you need, the basic idea would allow you create any structure you require. Please add your own ideas below.


Furniture     Flowers     Vines     Fort     Display     Lollipops

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Tips for a great Easter Egg Hunt

egg hunt


Beyond a doubt, the question on every child’s lips this weekend will be, ‘When will we be having the Easter egg hunt?”

Yes, we all want the focus of Easter to be on the Saviour. We strive to present every Easter experience to bring new meaning and understanding of the importance of Jesus’ sacrifice to everyone. But, most families also want to include some fun and create special memories for their kids. So I’m guessing that your kidmin will be holding some type of Easter Egg Hunt for the kids following your worship service and kidmin program.

Easter Egg Hunt HDTip #1: Promote your event
You’ll want to promote your event and ensure everyone knows when and where it will take place.
You can find this free wonderful Easter Egg Hunt graphic to use  from Children’s Ministry Deals here.
Use it as an announcements slide with details about the time, place and any other important information. Print it out and laminate and use as directional signs for your hunt, too. Add some extra information and post on your kidmin social media.

13064004225_7e6b605c39_oTip #2: Provide signs and directions
Signs and directions ensure everyone knows where they need to go. Special signs, clues and notes add interest and excitement, too, for kids eagerly looking for those elusive eggs.

Check out these free printables of garden signs and clues for your hunt… here.
Some just need to be printed and used but others are left blank for you to add your own cryptic clues and notes.

It would be helpful to sign and section off an area just for little ones so they don’t have to compete with the older, and faster, kids.


Tip #3: Provide bags or baskets for collecting eggs                                                 Collecting eggs is so much more fun if you have a bag, box or basket to pop the eggs into.  Provide the materials beforehand and the kids can make their own baskets to use on the Easter Egg Hunt. (Little ones could just decorate re-made baskets.) Even simple paper bags can look effective with the addition of some simple decorative media.

This simple basket design requires only a couple of pieces of coloured card and some brads. You can find the instructions here….     Remind the children to label their bags or baskets to avoid confusion about ownership.

Tip #4: Consider using plastic eggs to trade or swap for a gift pack     We’ve found it works more smoothly if we hide plastic eggs (and include a small message, encouragement or Bible verse in each). The kids can find as many eggs as they like, and they usually vie to find the greatest number. But only one egg is actually needed to take to the designated area and swap for the Easter packs which include eggs, Easter card, puzzle and coloured pencils and stickers. It means that there are no unhappy hunters and everyone receives an Easter gift.


Tip #5: Include kidmin information with your prizes                                                                                              This ensures that any visitors know about your programs, upcoming events, contact information and social media links.

Just for your own information, you can find more ideas and tips with this helpful guide to Easter Egg Hunts from Children’s Ministry magazine here.

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A really simple Easter gift for your volunteers

easter seeds

I love that story of a woman who decided on a healthier lifestyle for herself and her family. It was difficult but she exercised regularly, cooked healthy meals for everyone and even avoided her obsession – chocolate. Yes, it was difficult. Chocolate was the one thing that consumed her.. she couldn’t resist it! But her children were very encouraging, especially at Easter, for it was the first time her kids realised that chocolate Easter bunnies actually come with ears!

You may find that many of your volunteers are trying to life healthily and avoid chocolate… difficult during the Easter season. How about this clever little idea from the blog of  somewhatsimple .

The idea is indeed simple- download some cute labels and glue to TicTac containers. ( I didn’t use all of them.)

Download labels, print and attach to TicTacs

Download labels, print and attach to TicTacs

I found a nice little Easter basket, added some shredded tissue paper, and a small potted plant.  Then I arranged the ‘seed’ packets in the basket and included a ‘thank you’ tag- Thank you for helping to plant the seeds of faith in the lives of these kids.

I’ve included the file for the thank you tag below…


Plant label  click to download..



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